13 Amazing benefits of vitamin c you need to know

Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients for our body. People who consume it on daily basis have visibly noticed positive effects on skin and their immunity.

Vitamin c role in our body

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins for our body also well known as an antioxidant which is water-soluble and scientifically called ascorbic acid, it is vital for repairing tissues of our body and crucial for growth and development. This vitamin is involved in many body functions including strengthening our immune system, wound healing, building collagen, helps in absorption of iron and taking care of our cartilage, bones, gums and teeth. Here is something interesting you need to know about vitamin C, it is a water-soluble supplement, which means that our body doesn’t produce it or store it, hence we need to intake it on regular basis to maintain its levels in our body. Sometimes we can’t get everything we need from our diet and we miss the mark. Therefore it’s crucial to take vitamin C supplements each day.

Vitamin c supplement for overall health

A recent study concluded that individuals who are diabetic tend to have a low level Of vitamin C in them. In a conclusion, it was advised that vitamin C supplementation should be encouraged not only to diabetic patients but in general to everyone to prevent complications and to support overall health. Vitamin and nutrition deficiency is quite common. Well, from getting yourself checked at doctor’s clinic there are certain surprising signs to know that you are deficient of vitamin C, too little or no consumption of vitamin C will increase signs of ageing noticeably which may lead to broken blood vessels that’s because it regulates collagen in our body, It is also possible that your sign of vitamin C deficiency is hiding in your mouth, yes, You may Have red, bleeding, irritated or swollen gums. Healing becomes slow .. if you have any wound or bruise .. it will take time to heal. One may also face frizzy, dry or coiled hair, abnormally bent hair, loss of weight and weakness may also be experienced.

It May help to maintain overall skin health

When vitamin C levels are low, a skin problem known as keratosis pilaris may occur, in this condition an uneven “chicken skin” may form on the back of upper arms, thighs or buttocks. Small blood vessels become fragile and break easily, causing small, bright red spots to appear around the hair follicles. This is a sign of severe vitamin C deficiency. A person who is vitamin C deficient can also have low iron levels .. as this miraculous vitamin is a wonderful agent to absorb iron. One may face breakage of nails. Red lines or spots can be seen under the nail bed.

One may have dry and damaged skin due to deficiency of vitamin C as it helps in hydrating the skin too. Intake of this vitamin also helps keep skin healthy by protecting it from the sun(oxidative damage) and exposure to pollutants like cigarette smoke or the ozone.

It may help in bone formation

Research has found that vitamin C plays a crucial role in bone formation so the deficiency of the same can increase bone loss.

Some amazing facts and benefits of vitamin c

Vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant that aids in more than you ever knew. • It helps fight dandruff • Reduces inflammation • Reduces stress • Boosts fertility • Helps fight diabetes • Promotes hair growth • Lowers the risk of chronic diseases • Helps is growth and repair tissues • It’s a well-known immunity booster • Helps absorb iron • Has anti-ageing properties • Regulates production of collagen • Promotes skin elasticity

So how much we can take vitamin c?

The upper limit of consuming vitamin C is 2000mg per day. However in India especially in metro cities people are facing a lot of diseases due to pollution also in the time of ongoing covid, doctors recommend consuming 1000 mg Vitamin C per day to keep our system upright. High intakes of vitamin C are associated with better skin quality and a healthier immune system. Vitamin C enriched skin can produce fresh collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. To get the best results an ideal way to consume would be empty stomach in the morning i.e the first thing to be done in the morning is to consume vitamin C as it is water-soluble so we do not need to stuff something in our body before we consume it and ideally after consuming it empty stomach in the morning, there should be 30-40 min gap to your meal. In case you already include it in your diet then plz don’t panic, your body will absorb it as much as it is needed and extra will be out with the body waste. To know more click www.nurturingglobal.com

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