Surprising benefits of melatonin for your health.

Do you know what is responsible for good sound sleep?

It’s a hormone called melatonin which is naturally released in our body which helps us fall asleep.

Do you sleep properly?

Let’s accept it, more than 50% of us face various sleep problems. Whenever we go to bed we are either thinking about our work, relationship, job or anything else which doesn’t let us have a sound sleep, it is a basic human tendency that things linger in our mind, how hard we may try not to think about it but we can’t help it.

Reason behind not getting good sleep?

The screen time or the artificial light we devote to our devices these days also contributes in keeping us up during night also the blue light of tv contributes in the same. It’s always better to shut our screens at least 2 hours before we hit the bed to get a good sleep.

Moreover long working hours especially during the night, there are many MNCs associated with foreign companies which demand to work at their time zone (foreign time) and mostly it’s night time over here, I’m sure they pay really well to their employees but it’s costing over their sleep and disturbs the body clock drastically.

Another major reason which keeps us up at night can be our eating habits which also includes a lot of caffeine. Caffeine lurks in lots of places like tea, chocolate, soda, and energy drinks, unfortunately all of us (of all age groups) consume it in form or the other.

Clinging glasses is the perfect way to end the evening right, absolutely wrong!! Consumption of alcohol makes us drowsy enough to fall asleep but it messes with our deep sleep which is important for the restfulness of body and mind.

One of the reasons we don’t get a good night sleep is a bad sleeping environment which ideally should be cool, quiet and dark to experience a sound sleep.

Melatonin Role For Proper Night Sleep

Due to various reasons mentioned above the production of melatonin has slowed down in most of us hence many are facing trouble in sleeping these days.

That's why people are frequently switching to melatonin supplements. The hormone in these supplements functions in the same way as the natural hormone produced in our body would. A scientific study confirms that taking these supplements generally have no adverse effects on the body. This precisely means that when it is consumed in an appropriate amount it causes no harm.

How to get the right amount of melatonin?

So what should be the appropriate dosage of it? Well, it depends on our weight, age and overall wellness. Although the thumb rule is that Adults are advised to take 2-10mg. Following these guidelines, one may avoid overdosage of it.

So how much can you take? And when should you stop?

Well, the good news is that even the long term usage of sleeping wellness does not interrupt in the natural production of melatonin in the body thanks to its natural ingredients, but still if you are allergic to any of its ingredient(s), you may choose to discontinue it.

Benefits of taking melatonin supplements

There have been more overlooked benefits of melatonin apart of providing good sleep. Did you know melatonin does so much more than just giving us a good sleep, it relaxes our body, reducing stress levels, repair cells, it also helps reducing the dopamine levels, which is the excitement hormone, it is one of the factors that keeps one awake.

Does melatonin help to improve eye health?

You will be surprised to learn that melatonin helps in maintaining your eye health too , remember your eyes takes light and darkness and because melatonin contains antioxidant properties it protects your retina from oxidative stress. One of the lesser-known perk of melatonin is that it can fight gastric disease especially heartburn which is caused by it.

Why assentia melatonin tablets?

The Assentia’s sleeping wellness is absolutely made from natural ingredients, which includes ashwagandha, tiger root extract, Passionflower extract and chamomile extract. Due to all the natural ingredients present in our tablets makes our product purely genuinely organic. These tablets are purely non addicted, which means one will never get use to them.

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